“Staying in touch with clients and prospects on a consistent basis is extremely important for an advisor’s business and is a critical retention tool. However, I was challenged to find time in my busy work schedule to create these vital touch-points. When I found the time, which was very seldom, I would have to sacrifice face-to-face client meetings or phone calls. Not only was finding time a constraint, I had the challenge of compliance approvals, finding content that added value for my clients and knowing when to follow up.”

AdvisorStream’s weekly pre-approved newsletter increase client engagement and save time

“I knew right away that AdvisorStream could help my business. They work directly with my compliance team to create and approve my weekly client enewsletter. I cannot emphasize enough how much of the work they do for me. If I want to make changes to my branded, pre-approved newsletter, I can quickly and easily click a button and send it off to the compliance team for approval. There is no back and forth with compliance as there was in the past.

My clients love receiving the enewsletter and often respond or share how much they enjoyed an article and how informative they find the content. The engagement I’ve generated is always very positive and the open and view rates of the enewsletter are consistently higher than the industry average. This is a testament to the quality of the content provided by AdvisorStream and its relevance to my clients.

The AdvisorStream service has also allowed me to focus on servicing my clients while providing them with the relevant content that reinforces my value as their trusted advisor. I communicate with each client on a weekly basis, providing me with the peace of mind knowing that my clients are heading my way when they need support.

For advisors under tight compliance standards, I highly recommend that you check with your broker-dealer to determine if AdvisorStream is a pre-approved marketing tool - they provide a lot of value to my business.”